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As I write this, it saddens me to report I’ll no longer be contributing to the Clive Barker Podcast. At least for awhile. My life is going down a new path and I must follow it. I owe a lot to the Podcast because it has been helpful shaping in shaping this path for me.

I remember like it was yesterday when Podcast co-creator Ryan Danhauser asked me to do the news. I was little nervous by the proposition, but I immediately jumped at the chance because I knew this would be a lot of fun.

Boy, has it ever!

My first news report was the release of Scream Factory’s bluray edition of Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh. I was worried that the Word Press site would be a pain in the ass to learn, but luckily I found it to be very easy to get around.

The first Podcast I did was episode eighty-six with Nightbreed star Christine McCorkindale (aka Shuna Sassi) and filmmaker Michael Plumides who was one of the strong forces to help bring the Nightbreed Director’s Cut to the fans. I was a nervous wreck, but again Ryan and Jose got me through it. I recently went back and gave it a listen and I had a good time laughing at myself. I was really green my first time out, but overtime I began to feel more comfortable.

I think my proudest moment contributing to the Podcast was finding actor George Roth’s touching letter to Clive Barker in regards to the difficult situation that Clive had to deal with while making Nightbreed. It seemed Roth was under the impression for many years that Barker wasn’t happy with his work as the eccentric character Kane and that‘s why most of his material was removed from the movie. Of course that wasn’t the case and he later would come to find out the true story over the years. It was a sweet letter and I’m very happy that it got to Clive, who would send Roth a thank you response and praising his work on the film.

The Podcast also allowed me to ask Clive a couple of questions. I really had to rack my brain to come up with some interesting questions to ask. I’m sure he’s been asked everything, but I thought the questions we all asked were very good. Clive responded with some excellent answers too. I want to thank Clive again for taking the time out of his busy schedule for answering them. Clive is really good to his fans.

I’ve also had the pleasure getting to know author and Hellraiser sequel scribe Peter Atkins. Out of all the people I’ve met through the Podcast I think Peter is the one I’ve connected with the most. When we chat through e-mail it isn’t about Hellraiser, but more about general life stuff. He’s a great person with a good heart. He also has a wonderful sense of humor.

Author Paul Kane is another person I’ve enjoyed getting to know. I’ve really come to love his work. His horror anthology Monsters is a classic in this fan’s eyes. Every story was fantastic. I really clicked with that book because it made me feel like I was a kid again.

Getting to know a lot of our listeners has also been fun. David Anderson has become a good friend. We totally disagree on most movies, but that’s one of the reason I like him. He knows what he likes and doesn’t sugar coat his opinion.

The Wire Twins Esther Mullings and Maz Johnson have been fun in getting to know. They’re pretty wild and funny ladies. I could see them in a Hellraiser sequel as a couple sexy cenobites.

Thomas Negovan of Century Guild has been helpful in promoting the Podcast. He’s really been helpful with the Fundraisers we’ve put together. He was also very complimentary of my news reporting which I appreciated.

At the of the day though the best part about doing the Podcast has been getting to know both Ryan and Jose. I think we made a good team. I certainly learned a lot from them about Clive Barker by doing the Podcast. They know their stuff when it comes to him. They’ve become very good friends on a personal level too. They’re good listeners and have given me very good advice. I’ll miss talking to them on a monthly basis.

I don’t know how to finish this because it makes me sad. Living in the world of Clive Barker so intimately for the past two years I’ve come to see the world differently. At least from a artistic standpoint. The work Clive has produced over the years in various mediums has created a universe where anything is possible. It challenges itself with interesting questions and sometimes the answers aren’t always so clear cut. That’s okay because works of art should make you think outside the norm. When I read a book or look at a painting of his I’m always reminded that the world is both a dangerous and beautiful, but most importantly filled with hope. No other artist makes me feel this way.

It has been a lot of fun though and hopefully one day I’ll make a return. I know I’ve promised that I’ll come back for the Hellraiser: Judgment commentary. Until then I hope everyone remains safe, and that the Clive Barker Podcast lives on forever.

All the best to everyone,


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  1. Matt Burns

    Wishing you the best of luck with whatever the next stage of your life is. Thanks for your contributions and for helping Clive share his vision.

  2. Tracy

    Best of luck Rob! I discovered the podcast right around the time you started doing the updates, we’ll miss you!

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