Clive Barker Deals: Nightbreed, and a whole Comics Collection

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Every once in a while, we run into something unique, or a deal too good to pass up.

First off, Michael Plumides (who was instrumental in getting Morgan Creek to agree with screening the Nightbreed Cabal Cut in the pre-Occupy Midian days, and helped put together the deal with Shout Factory that lead to the Nightbreed Director’s Cut) has an autographed limited edition Nightbreed Blu-Ray set for sale on Ebay.  It’s listed at $625, but make an offer and see what happens.

Signatures include:
Clive Barker, writer/producer/director on outer box, each DVD, and the booklet
Craig Sheffer – Aaron Boone (Cabal)
Anne Bobby – Lori Winston on box and booklet
Doug Bradley – Lylesburg on box
Chris McCorkindale – Shuna Sassi on box & booklet
Nicholas Burman – Vince and Kinski on box & booklet
Simon Bamford – Ohnaka on box
Mark Miller – Restoration Producer on box
Michael Plumides – Executive Producer on box



Next up, if you’re in the San Diego area, There’s a Craigslist post a huge collection of 118 Clive Barker comics, listed at $200.00.  It’s an easy way to get a huge collection started.



Happy Shopping.  Maybe surprise the Clive Barker fan in your life with one of these unique Christmas gifts.