Yattering and Jack Prints Available!!!

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Back in the early 90’s Iniquities Magazine published Clive Barker’s Yattering and Jack along with some original black and white artwork that Clive provided for the story. In 2001, 35 signed copies of the artwork were made available, and now Gauntlet Press is selling a few of these unique collector’s items that can’t be bought on the secondary market.

Originally priced at $299, they’re selling these last copies for $199. The prints will begin shipping next week, and Paypal won’t be accepted for this item. So if you want one, I’d get your orders in quick.

Yattering and Jack is one of my favorite stories from The Books of Blood. It’s a funny tale about man named Jack Polo who’s being haunted by a minor demon called the Yattering. I don’t want to say any more because I believe that would spoil the fun for new readers, but it’s a wild and crazy ride that’s for sure. It was also the first time for me as a fan to see how Clive can write some really good comedy.

via Gauntlet Press

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