Imaginer 2 and 3, plus Midnight Meat Train Bundle

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Dark Regions Press they have a very limited supply (16, and only 14 left as I write this) of bundles that include Clive Barker’s painting and illustration books, Imaginer 2, Imaginer 3 and an e-book download of The Midnight Meat Train Special Definitive Edition at a price of $195.00.  Did you put off buying some of these great art books?  I don’t think we even realized there was an E-Book of Midnight Meat Train either.

Thanks to Phil and Sarah Stokes of www.clivebarker.info for sharing the news.

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  1. Matt Burns

    The header here indicates Imaginer 1 and 2 are included, but the text states that it’s 2 and 3. I assume it’s the latter, but I think you’ll want to correct it either way.

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