The Last Illusion Limited Edition!

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Another Clive Barker classic is getting the limited edition treatment and this time it’s the popular Books of Blood short story The Last Illusion which features everyone’s favorite occult detective Harry D’Amour who’s been featured in various stories Clive has written over the years. Most recently he went against the demon known as Pinhead in the epic novel The Scarlet Gospels!

The Last Illusion follows occult detective Harry D’Amour, who takes a strange case where a magician named Swann has been killed under mysterious circumstances. D’Amour is recruited by Swann’s wife to watch over his body so he can be cremated in line with a letter written before his death. Almost immediately, D’Amour is drawn into a mystery beyond this world and enters a survival battle with disgusting demons from the underworld seeking to claim Swann’s body due to a deal he made with them which gave him the magical powers he possessed.

This new edition is limited to 350 copies at a generous price of $33 from Fiddleblack Books. Along with the story you’ll also  insight and essays from American magician and illusionist, Criss Angel; High Priest of the Church of Satan, Peter H. Gilmore; Satanic Temple co-founder and spokesperson, Lucean Greaves; Barker historians Phil & Sarah Stokes; and Lord of Illusions special FX artist Alan McFarland.

Here’s a link to where you can place your orders. But get them in fast because 350 copies isn’t that much.


Finally, they also produced the Cabal and Other Annotations limited edition that was released a few years back.

Here’s a link to Clive Barker Podcast Episode 55 where Ryan and Jose have a chat with them.

Episode 55 : Fiddleblack’s Jason Cook, Cabal and Other Annotations

via Fiddleblack 

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