Infernal Parade Update!

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Subterranean Press has shared some of the interior artwork from their upcoming release of Clive Barker’s Infernal Parade. Artist Bob Eggleton’s is providing all of the artwork which looks very impressive.

Check them out below:

infernal_parade_interior_one infernal_parade_interior_three infernal_parade_interior_two

I’m not at all familiar with the Infernal Parade but it does sound interesting from the synopsis, and the figurines by McFarlane Toys are pretty killer.

The story begins with the tale of a convicted criminal, Tom Requiem, who returns from the brink of death to restore both fear and a touch of awe to a complacent world. Tom becomes the leader of the eponymous “parade,” which ranges from the familiar precincts of North Dakota to the mythical city of Karantica. Golems, vengeful humans both living and dead, and assorted impossible creatures parade across these pages. The result is a series of highly compressed, interrelated narratives that are memorable, disturbing, and impossible to set aside.

You can pre-order your copy today at the Subterranean Press official. Three different editions are available.