Imaginer 4 Pre-Orders Are Up!

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I’ve been expecting an announcement on this and today the wonderful news has arrived.

The Clive Barker Archive now have pre-orders up for Imaginer 4 at their site store! Just like they did with Imaginer 3 they’re offering a special price and other exciting material for fans who place a pre-orders before Halloween.

Here’s the official press release:

We’re pleased to reveal the latest Imaginer cover image and to announce that pre-orders will open later today!

There are three options available to pre-order Volume 4:
•    the regular edition (limited to 1,000 copies) at a discounted pre-order price
•    the deluxe edition, signed by Clive (limited to 100 numbered copies) at a discounted pre-order price
•    LIMITED TIME ONLY – until 31 October 2016 – have your name printed in all copies as a special ‘thank you’ for your support of the Imaginer art archiving project by selecting the ‘Deluxe edition With Thanks’ option.

These pre-order prices will remain available until 31 January 2017, when full retail prices will start to apply.

As with Volume 3, all pre-ordered books will come with an exclusive A5 art card featuring art from the Imaginer series, together, this time, with an A4 mini-poster and a bookmark.

Thanks again for all the wonderful feedback on Volume 3 – we can’t wait to get Volume 4 out to you

The craftsmanship that goes into the making of these books are unreal. I know the prices for these seem steep, but it’s worth every penny! It’s literally like living through the mind of Clive Barker as you’re sucked in by all the bizarre and haunting imagery.

We’ll keep you updated as more news comes in.

Don’t forget you can order copies of the first three volumes by following the link below:

Keep in mind the first two installments are running VERY low in stock.

via The Clive Barker Archive