Mirror Mirror 2

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Recently anthologies and Clive Barker seem to go together like cookies and milk. It’s been reported over at Clive Barker: Revelations official Facebook page that he’s lending some of his fabulous artwork to a new comic anthology called Mirror Mirror 2 which brings together new comics and drawings from various talented people such as Clive himself.

Here’s the press release from their official page:

Mirror Mirror 2
an anthology

featuring new comics and drawings by

Lala Albert / Clive Barker / Heather Benjamin / Sean Christensen / Nicole Claveloux / Sean T. Collins / Al Columbia / Dame Darcy / Noel Freibert / Renee French / Meaghan Garvey / Julia Gfrörer / Simon Hanselmann / Hellen Jo / Hadrianus Junius / Aidan Koch / Laura Lannes / Céline Loup / Uno Moralez / Mou / Chloe Piene / Josh Simmons / Carol Swain

horror / pornography / the Gothic / the abject

edited by Sean T. Collins & Julia Gfrörer
published by 2dcloud
Q1 2017 | advance copies Fall 2016

“For darkness restores what light cannot repair”

teaser image by Clive Barker

The teaser image he’s provided is the wonderful art piece titled Death and The Maiden. These comics sound more underground than mainstream which is probably the best outlet for Clive to sell his more adult work. It sounds interesting for sure. We’ll keep you updated as more news comes in!

Clive Barker: Revelations Facebook and Attention Deficit Disorderly.

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