Dark Detectives Featuring Lost Souls

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Just wanted to let Harry D’Amour fans know that next month Titan Books will re-release its anthology collection Dark Detectives: An Anthology of Supernatural Mysteries in paperback which includes Clive Barker’s first adventure with Harry D’Amour Lost Souls. 

Set a few days for before Christmas it’s a short story about private investigator Harry D’Amour who has a nasty run with a demon called Cha’Chat. We also get to meet his friend Norma Paine who has the ability to talk with the dead. It’s a great story and a nice introduction to the character.

The book is edited by Stephen Jones and contains illustrations by artist Randy Broecker. Sadly, this mass market paperback will only be available to the US and Canada only.

You can pre-order the paperback edition on Amazon today! There are also hardcover editions available too.


Speaking of Harry D’Amour don’t forget to checkout our recent commentary track we did for the director’s cut of Lord of Illusions by going here:

Lord of Illusions – Audio Commentary

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