Lord of Illusions – Audio Commentary

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Do you want to see flesh with a god’s eyes? Rob returns to join Jose and Ryan to talk about Clive Barker’s third and final directorial effort, Lord of Illusions (Director’s Cut).  Spin up the new Shout Factory Blu-Ray (0r the older DVD) and let’s watch it together.  Let us know what you think in the comments.

Show Notes

The Clive Barker Podcast (or @Barkercast) is an independent  editorial fan site and podcast that is not affiliated with or under contract by Clive Barker or Seraphim Films.  This is a labor of love by the fans, for the fans.

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  1. Maria

    Guys, I like Ur discussions sometimes; I only do not appreciate when do U use words like “shit” or “schead” – I suppose it would be possible to eliminate them. Cause the words U use become the life U live ?

    • Ryan Danhauser

      Thanks Maria. We typically keep the swearing to a minimum, but in this case, we’re doing audio commentary for an unrated movie, so you will hear comment on, or repeat quotes from the movie that include that kind of language. So I guess we have to stay true to the source material.

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