Collector’s Corner: Chatterer II by NECA

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Hello Friends:
On this Collector’s Corner, I bring you another piece from my collection. The Chatterer II Limited Edition figurine by NECA. Click the images below to see them full-size.

In Hellbound: Hellraiser II, Nicholas Vince played the Chatterer, (hear more about his experiences in his own voice – he was on the @Barkercast in episodes #011, #025 and #072) and it wasn’t easy to sit with his head covered by a mask, in sensory deprivation— in fact, on set he was often jokingly referred to by FX artists as Poor Bastard! So when the time came to reprise the role, Nicholas wanted some degree of vision and mobility given to the Chattering cenobite, without requiring someone holding his hand to take him to the set. There was even supposed to be a scene in the corridors of Hell, showing Chatterer’s transformation. Unfortunately it was never filmed, so all we have to to go by is the original script:

In another corridor within the labyrinth, MALAHIDE and JULIA are walking.

They too have found their way into the inner sections. They too are in tighter, sharper corridors where the light is distressing. They too hear the machine-like breathing noise. And what is revealed behind the portals in the corridor walls is less ambiguous in its unpleasantness; in one we see CHATTERER in some Hell’s equivalent of a beauty salon. He is being re-made. This involves the scar tissue being manually peeled from the upper part of his face to reveal beneath small, vicious, human eyes.

This boxed figurine was produced by NECA in 2003, a Collector’s Club exclusive model in NECA‘s second Hellraiser series. It had a limited run of 3000 figurines worldwide. It was beautifully sculpted by Kyle Windrix, and the produced figurine was built using plastic and metal, standing at 7″ tall. It was packaged with a section of the Lament Configuration (the complete series would allow you to build your own box, and this piece doubles as stand), a chained weapon, and an additional chain.

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