Jimothi Tarrie Halloween Mask Coming Soon!

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Halloween is a time of year most horror fans always look forward to. I know I do because it’s my birthday.

It’s also just a fun day for many people to able to dress up as their favorite characters, and this year Clive Barker and his production company Seraphim are joining in on the fun by releasing a Halloween mask based off the popular character Jimothi Tarrie from the Abarat series. The mask is designed by talented artist Tate Steinsiek who’s stated this is the first in a series of masks that he and Clive Barker are working together on.

I don’t know much about this character because I’ve yet to read the Abarat series but visually he looks like another interesting creation from the mind of Clive Barker.

Here are some images that Steinsiek shared on his official Facebook page. Very cool!


No official date has been given on when the mask will be released, but I would assume in the next coming months there will be more news. As always we’ll keep you updated.

via Clive Barker: Revelations and Tate Steinsiek

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