Hellraiser: Judgment’s Pinhead Revealed

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The horror site Bloody Disgusting has revealed a new picture of actor Paul T. Taylor as Pinhead from the upcoming new film Hellraiser: Judgment. Standing along side him is fellow cenobite (or are they?) known as The Auditor holding his small music box.

Check them out in the picture below:

PINAUD2aWell at least he looks better than he did in Revelations, but he’s still far away from being Doug Bradley. I hate to compare each new actor that takes over the role of Pinhead to Doug, but I can’t help it. Honestly, the make-up looks a lot like the Pinhead appliance used for Gary Tunnicliffe’s  Hellraiser short film No More Souls. I’m going to give the film a chance though. Being a Hellraiser fan I think I owe it at least one viewing.

Let us know what you think of Judgment’s new Pinhead in the comments below.

via Bloody Disgusting

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