Clive Barker Joins Dark North Project

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Revelations official site has reported that Clive Barker has written an all new introduction to story art book project The Dark North, a project that was successfully funded on Kickstarter over a year ago. Clive will  introduce the collection of five myths created by five popular Scandinavian artists such Henrick Pettersson, Lucas Thelin, Magnus Olsson, Joakin Ericsson, and Peter Bergting. The book will told in over 100 new original paintings on over 200 pages, with accompanying texts.

Here’s what Magnus Lekberg had say about Clive’s involvement:

That Clive, with his unique vision, wonderful imagination and life-long experience of fantastic art in all its forms, chooses to collaborate on this book will make The Dark North something much bigger than we could possibly have hoped for. Having spent a considerable part of my life in his worlds, I have a hard time thinking of someone who would be more fitting to join ours.

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Clive Barker also shared his thoughts on working on the project too:

This book is made up of many beautiful worlds made by artists who care passionately about the art they are making. It is very rare for me to see paintings that are so committed to an evocation of a world that in fact exists, but that most people don’t know about… Coming to these images has been a beautiful revelation.

I’m not into gaming at all, but I do love some good fantasy artwork and from the sample below this looks very nice!


via Clive Barker: Revelations Official Page

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