120 : Everville

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Jose, Ryan and Rob discuss the second book of the art, and the first sequel Clive Barker ever wrote, Everville.  Maybe you thought of something we didn’t cover.  What do you think of this book?  Leave us a comment!

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Questions for discussion

  • How long has it been since you last read Everville?
  • In your opinion, can this book be read without first reading The Great and Secret Show?
  • Were there any revelations you forgot about, or other surprises?
  • What are the Avatars / Jai-Wai?
  • Is Fletcher alive?
  • Why did Tesla go back on her word, and take The Art for herself?
  • How did you feel when you first read about the death of Jo-Beth and Howie?
  • Is Owen Buddenbaum a bad guy?
  • Is Lazy Susan a demon from Hell, and if it isn’t, why is it self-deluded?
  • How are Tommy Ray and baby Amy doing?

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