IMAGINER 2 Clamshell: Video Review

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Hello Friends:
By this time, some of you have your copy of Imaginer 2. This arrived in the mail some time ago from Seraphim, but only now that all the clamshells and regular editions have been sent out and people are starting to share their pictures of this amazing volume, we can finally release our video review of the second volume in what’s hopefully going to be an 8 volume edition (one for every letter of the word I-M-A-G-I-N-E-R), archiving the beautiful and fantastic paintings by Clive Barker.

This volume is chock full of content, and is the result of a Kickstarter started by Thomas Negovan of the Century Guild in association with Seraphim and Clive Barker back in October 1st in 2014 (the first volume was crowdfunded as well in January of the same year). Future volumes will be published by Phil and Sarah Stokes at Revelations.

Imaginer 2 are 416 pages of pure beauty; there is great attention to detail and it’s a fantastic book for any serious collector. It opens with an introduction titled Clive Barker: Imaginer – A Grand Guignol, with plenty of early and rare never before published photos, where we are taken on a quick tour of Barker’s early days of creating puppet shows, later theater plays, the creation of the Dog Company, and in his own words, the importance of the Imaginative Experience.

Then it presents us with photos taken during the 2014 Imaginer Exhibitions organized by the Century Guild, with beautiful photos taken by Thomas Negovan during exhibitions done in LA at the Cinefamily & Century Guild, as well as the San Diego Comic Con, moving on to the Paintings for the rest of the book, ending with an Afterword by Phil and Sarah Stokes, current Barker’s archivers and biuographers, as well as webmasters of Revelations, the official Clive Barker resource and the recent CLIVE BARKER ARCHIVE.

The Afterword by Phil and Sarah is another little piece of intimate revelation with a few direct quotes taken from Conversations with Clive Barker.  They mention their visits to the house and studio, their interviews for the Memory Prophecy and Fantasy books, Barker’s schedule when writing & painting and ruminations about color, and what personal stories they evoke from our memories for each one of us.

I think they’ll do an amazing work picking up this fantastic series of books, visit the Clive Barker Archive for more information and a link to pre-order Imaginer 3.

Thanks for watching.

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  1. Don Bertram

    Great job Jose!
    Beautiful book that I believe is even better that the first one.
    Everyone should check it out.

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