Scales and Tales

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I’m sure many of our listeners know that Clive Barker is a big animal lover. They’re his children and I’m positive if he could take care of them all he would. In fact Clive is supporting an upcoming benefit anthology by helping animal adoption agencies place animals in need of permanent housing.

The anthology collection is called Scales and Tales and features Clive’s Animal Life story and is set for release by William Wu Books this summer. The trade paperback novel will contain twenty-one stories and will be limited to five hundred numbered copies. There’s that word “limited” again. 

Here’s the official press release from William Wu:

“This will be available at the San Diego Comic Convention in our booth, 5627 located along the back wall of the exhibit hall, at the end of the 2400 aisle. This trade paperback will be limited to 500 numbered copies. We are proud to announce that we are publishing a Clive Barker story in our anthology, Animal Life. This short was originally published in USA Today in June 1994 and hasn’t been reprinted in the US.”

So if you’re attending this year’s San Diego Comic Con make sure to stop by their booth to get a copy. I would say they’ll go pretty fast.
via Clive Barker: Revelations official Facebook page.

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