116: Simon Sayce: Puzzle-Box Creator

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Ryan, Jose and Rob met Simon Sayce, designer of the Hellraiser puzzle box and former member of Image Animation.  How does Hellraiser relate to “Harvey” or to hobgoblins?

Show Notes

Quick clarification, José asked Simon about Anna Lovatt and Warwick Sayce working on the box in Hellbound: Hellraiser II, this wasn’t meant to imply that they had in any way changed or collaborated in any changes to the box, but it was meant as a prompt for Simon to reminisce about the team work in the process at Image Animation. Here’s a quick update from Anna Lovatt herself:
Hiya, just a quick message. I know its not that important in the grand scheme of things, but im quite upset that people think i said i worked on the original box. I would never claim this. I was in the mouldmaking and general fx part of the studio. Myself and Mark Roberts made all the moulds for all the prosthetics and sculptures. I also assisted on practical effect operation and prep for filming. Please can you let anyone in future know this? Thanks. As a pro art director and designer, i would never take credit for someone elses work. x

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