Doug Bradley Talks More Hellraiser: Judgment

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Hellraiser and Nightbreed star Doug Bradley is once again chatting up Hellraiser: Judgment in a new interview with the horror site Bloody Disgusting. Nothing new is reported about the film but he does make it apparent that he doesn’t like why Dimension Films is making this movie.

[BD] Well, I suppose I have to ask lest the readers come after me. What are your thoughts on Hellraiser: Judgement? Do you think the series is still capable of bringing back the excitement that the first two did?

[DB] I’m not really in a position to comment on Judgement, having been prevented from reading the script. Like everyone else, for the moment I only have Gary [Tunnicliffe]’s comments to go by. He certainly talks a good game: let’s wait for the proof of the pudding. It’s depressing that, as withRevelations, this again seems to be happening to save Dimension from losing the franchise rights. As to your second question, no reason why this can’t be the equal of the early films. Again, we’ll see. It certainly can’t be worse than the last one.

I agree with his comments about why the studio is  making this movie in the first place. I wish they were making it for the fans and actually gave the franchise the respect it deserves. Spitting out a low budget sequel to keep the rights to a movie franchise is a smack in the face if you ask me.

via Bloody Disgusting