Doug Bradley Comments on the Hellraiser: Judgment Situation

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The more I read about why Doug Bradley chose not to play Pinhead for Hellraiser: Judgment the more I’m starting to get a sour taste in my mouth for this movie. Over at the horror site iHorror they were able to catch up with the actor at HorrorHound Weekend this past Sunday and he had some very interesting things to say on the matter. This quote is very telling:

So I told Gary that I wasn’t going to sign the NDA and they moved on very quickly. Gary gave an interview to FANGORIA in which he said they started recasting the next day. Nobody picked up the phone, neither Gary nor anyone at Dimension or any of the line producers at the production company, which I would certainly have been doing. ‘Doug can we talk about this? What’s the issue with this? Can we change this? What’s the problem? Because we really want you on board.’ No. It was just ‘OK,’ and recast, which tells me that they didn’t really want me in the first place, or not all that much.

I agree with Doug a hundred percent on this. If they really wanted him back they would’ve fought harder to get him. And I’m surprised that Gary didn’t do so? In the end it sounds like they didn’t really care. Doug deserves more respect than that.

To read the rest of the interview follow the link below:

Doug Bradley Tells iHorror “What you needed to know” Regarding Absence from Hellraiser: Judgment

via iHorror 

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  1. Hero

    I honestly don’t think they had time to negotiate with him. Either way, I’d much rather have Doug back for a big-time revival of the franchise than a low-budget rights movie.

    • Rob Ridenour

      What I gathered from what Doug said is that he talked to Gary about this back in December of last year, and the movie didn’t start filming until February? But maybe they didn’t have time to do it. Who knows?

      I just think the whole thing stinks and I’ve lost all interest in this movie. I’m not saying that I had that much to begin with but I was trying to be positive about it.

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