Hellraiser: Judgment’s Other Cenobites

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This past week has been pretty packed with news regarding the upcoming sequel Hellraiser: Judgment, and I for one am starting to get more excited about this movie. I’m not expecting the rebirth of the Hellraiser franchise here, but a film that’s going to try and give the fans a taste of something that we loved about the older movies.

As I was thinking about the movie last night I began to wonder what other members of ‘The Order of the Gash’ that would be joining Pinhead in this new outing? Most of these recent news reports have focused more about these new pseudo-Cenobites that are from a different part of Hell. But when I went back to read some of the interviews with writer/director Gary Tunnicliffe, he actually does reveal who the other cenobites will be alongside Pinhead.

Actually some of the characters aren’t really ‘Cenobites’ per se – they aren’t the members of the ‘order of the gash’ we are used to,” he explained, revealing some of the new plot. “I don’t want to say too much at this point but we discover that Hell actually has several factions and all have different looks. The Cenobites we have in the movie (Pinhead, Chatterer and the Stitch Twins) are the ‘sharp end of the spear,’ so to speak.

It’s good to see some familiar faces alongside the Hell Priest especially the Chatterer. I really wish in some ways they’d make a movie about him. I’m assuming the Chatterer will be the third version that’s been showing up in the latter series of Hellraiser sequels. I also like the sound of the Stitch Twins. Ever since Bloodline that’s been a constant growing theme in these movies with a pair of cenobites that look the same.

Lookout for more news on Hellraiser: Judgment as it develops.

via Bloody Disgusting for the quote.