The Clive Barker Archive

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I wanted to let our listeners know that Phil and Sarah Stokes who run the wonderful Clive Barker official site Revelations have created an off shoot site called The Clive Barker Archive.

This site will collect Clive’s work in all medias which include his working notes, papers and sketches for various projects over the years- both published and unpublished – dating all the way back from the 1960’s to the present day.

Right now the site contains a lengthy bio page on Clive, an explore page that covers many different Barker projects including  Hellraiser, AbaratThe Midnight Meat Train, and Cabal.  And last but not least an official store page where you can purchase the first three volumes of Memory, Prophecy, and Fantasy either individually or in a three pack bundle, and place your pre-order for the upcoming release of Imaginer 3.

I’m sure more material will be added in the coming months. This another great way for old and new fans to learn more about Clive Barker. And you know Phil and Sarah will do a excellent job with this Archive. So if you have the time go over and give it a look see.


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