Sideshow Collectibles to Release Limited Pinhead Figure!!!

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Sideshow Collectibles has always put out some of the best high quality figures in the business. The detail and work that goes into these are worth the price alone. A close friend of mine has been a rabid collector for years and I’ve seen their work up close and it’s amazing.

While I was browsing through my Facebook news feed I came across this press release from Sideshow that they’ll be releasing a Pinhead Premium Figure that’s limited to 1500. The cost is a hefty $500 but what’s cool about Sideshow is that they do monthly payments. The sculpt is based on the version of Pinhead from Hellraiser III: Hell on EarthAs for the figure itself it looks amazing! You can definitley see the likeness of Doug in there. 

Check out some pics of it at Sideshow’s official site at the link below:



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  1. Hero

    Huh, I thought this had already been released. To me, it looks more like a Hellraiser/Hellbound Pinhead, with the way the vertical cuts that run along the nose kinda conform to the contours of the nose instead of being perfectly straight lines(as in the Hellraiser III makeup).

    There has been a crapload of Hellraiser/Pinhead merchandise lately, all with the Hellraiser III and Miramax branding. Figures from Sideshow, Mezco, Threezero, Funko, and probably a few others. Why does Miramax have this sudden interest in merchandising Hellraiser? They don’t own the film rights to Hellraiser since the Weinsteins left them. You’d almost think they were planning on releasing a new movie themselves.

    • Rob Ridenour


      Yeah, it did come out a couple months back I just wanted to do a refresher to let fans know.

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