First Image of Pinhead released from Hellraiser: Judgment!

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Gary Tunnicliffe is now in post-production on Hellraiser: Judgment and was kind enough to give the popular horror site Bloody Disgusting an exclusive first look at a poster that shows what Paul T. Taylor will look like as the new version of Pinhead, and for this fan the results are surprisingly pretty damn good in terms of the visual appearance. He looks a lot like Doug Bradley’s version of the character where as the actor who played the character in Hellraiser: Revelations didn’t look anything like the character at all. In my opinion this is a very promising sign for how the rest of the production will play out. I’m actually really looking forward to this. The tag line has me curious as well.

Checkout the new Pinhead below:

Hellraiser-Judgment (1)

via Bloody Disgusting.

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  1. Christopher

    I actually am at ease now, seeing that the actor playing Pinhead, actually looks similar to Doug’s version and not the atrocity that was the version in “Revelations.”
    Just hope the film itself is a step in a better direction, instead of another nail in the coffin for this series.

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