Big Imaginer 2 Update and Pre-Orders Are up for Imaginer 3!

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Thomas Negovan of Century Guild recently updated the Clive Barker Podcast about the status of Imaginer 2 and it’s very good news guys! Apparently, all the clamshell editions of the book are ready to go. They’ve all been signed by Clive and are set to start shipping from Seraphim. Also, the regular editions will arrive in Los Angeles soon and will be shipped from Century Guild in April. So if you ordered a copy of either edition just hang in there a little longer and sooner than later you’ll have it in your hands.

The other big news that Tom told us was that pre-orders are now up for the third book of the Imaginer series over at Phil and Sarah Stokes (who’ve taken on the series from Century Guild) new website called The Clive Barker Archive! The third book is apparently already done and filled with another wonderful selection of Clive Barker’s artwork, and even has an afterward from the influential dark artist, Chet Zar. The book is about to be sent to the printers, for delivery of finished books this summer.

Phil and Sarah Stokes are also doing something cool for the fans should make fans place their pre-oders sooner than later.

The only thing the book is now being held for is the opportunity – for one week only – to have your name added within the pages ofImaginer 3 itself as an acknowledgement of your ongoing support for the series. This offer is available until 20 March to supporters who both pre-order the deluxe edition and choose to upgrade to this ultra ‘with thanks’ package. Phil and Sarah Stokes at The Clive Barker Archive have taken over the Imaginer Series and they are ready to start taking pre-orders for both the deluxe clamshell (with and without the ‘with thanks’ option) and the regular editions from today! Head to to sign up for Imaginer Volume 3 – the stunning next book in the Imaginer Series!”

So glad to hear that the Imaginer series is still alive and kicking. I’m sad that Century Guild isn’t doing it anymore, but I’m more than positive that Phil and Sarah Stokes are up to the job.

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