Imaginer 2 Update

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Hey guys,

I wanted to give an update to all the fans that contributed to the Imaginer 2 Kickstarter campaign which sadly it looks like it will be a little while longer until you get the book. Apparently, there was some problems with the cover and the entire edition has to be re-printed. Bummer, but there’s some good news in here as well. I’ll let you read that for yourself so it will be a nice little surprise.

Hello everyone, I’d like to let you know where we’re at with fulfillment right now and how we’re moving forward. As we began opening boxes of regular edition Volume 2 books for packing and shipping, we realized there were some issues with the cover finish. Upon opening many, many more, it became apparent that those issues were not isolated to a few boxes. After a thorough examination, the printer informed us this week that the entire edition must be re-printed. The good news is that reprinting has already begun. Chinese New Year falls dead center in the process, but binding will occur as soon as it’s over, and then we’ll have a timetable on when to expect them here in the U.S. So what happens now? Since we have all the other components ready to go, we’ll begin shipping the extra reward items to our domestic pledgers. This means the t-shirt, Cabal window card, Dream Journal catalog, and Dream Journal print will be going out to those reward tiers. Thankfully, the Clamshell editions printed beautifully. As Clive gets through the signing of the bookplates, the team up at Seraphim Inc., Clive’s production company, will be getting those complete packages out to pledgers- book and other reward items together. This is obviously not the update that we wanted to make. We thank you all for your patience, and also your understanding that we want to produce the best archive of Clive’s work, period. Sometimes things happen that are out of our control, but we’re working as hard as we can to get a beautiful book of amazing artworks into your hands as quickly as possible.


Thanks to Thomas Negovan for sharing the news!