Midian Unmade Trade Paperback Edition!

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Del Howison of Dark Delicacies (and co-editor of Midian Unmade) has informed fans that Tor Books plans to release a trade paperback edition of the book Midian Unmade sometime in late 2016.

Here’s what he had to say on the Occupy Midian Facebook site:

Tor has announced on Amazon that Midian Unmade will be released as a trade paperback in September. That means production will probably stop on the hardback version. Don’t hesitate to order a copy of the hardback while they remain available either through Dark Delicacies (www,darkdel.com) or one of the other book services.

Over all the book received positive reviews from both fans and critics. So if you’re still interested in getting a copy of the hardback edition I’d get one sooner than later.