Rob’s Five Favorite Cenobites Other than Pinhead!

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Over the course of the Hellraiser franchise the filmmakers have given the fans some very interesting cenobite designs. Of course we all love Pinhead but what about some of the other cenobites? Don’t they deserve some love too? As you can see I’m very partial to the cenobites from Hellraiser: Bloodline. I think that group ranks up there with the original crew. So without further ado here are my five favorite cenobites from the Hellraiser movies other than Pinhead.


I’ve always had a fascination with the Chatterer. Maybe more so that Pinhead in some ways. There’s a mystery to him (at least in the first film) that intrigued me with his eyes being sewn shut and his mouth being pulled back so far that his entire mouth of bloody gums and teeth. And the scene where he shoves his fingers down Kristy’s throat was disturbing. But what’s even more disturbing is that he turned out to be a little boy! A beautifully bizarre creation.


Angelique is the perfect embodiment of sex and power. Sadly, we didn’t get to see the “real” Angelique in the final released version of Hellraiser: Bloodline, but Angelique Vargas gave the character a nasty steak that made the character memorable. Also, her outfit is do die for.


The Twin Cenobites from Hellraiser: Bloodline are one of my favorites because I love the Yin and Yang element of the design. And I like the whole concept of brotherly love behind it. And the way they killed people was pretty cool too. In the workprint these characters actually spoke before they killed the character of Edwards.


The Chatterer Beast was another cool variation of the Chatterer which has been a theme through all the Hellraiser movies. What I enjoyed most about this creation was that it reminded me of a Rottweiler and Rob Halford who’s the lead singer for the heavy metal band Judas Priest.


Like Frank before him J.P. Monroe was a scumbag plain and simple, but unlike Frank there was a charm to him that I really enjoyed. And to me he’s one of the few cenobites that actually seems to enjoy what he’s been transformed into. The man’s ultimate desire is sex and that’s exactly what he’s getting from the piston mechanism that’s constantly skull fucking him.

So that’s my favorite five cenobites other than Pinhead. What are yours?