Nightbreed Fan Edit Update!

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As many of you know Occupy Midian member Filip Önell is working on his very own alternate fan edit of Nightbreed which promises to be a much closer version to the actual novel Cabal. The horror website ShockTillYouDrop was able to catch up with him and have conducted a very nice interview with Filip and here’s a small sample of what he had to say on his fan edit:

SHOCK: So how did your obsession with NIGHTBREED start?

Filip Önell: It started about five years ago when I first saw the film. I already knew that this was a film that had suffered from studio interference and that it had a long history of some mystic underground fan affection. Which is what drew me to it to start with, as I’m generally fascinated by films that where messed up by the studio, like Exorcist 3 or Michael Mann’s The Keep,. The kind of film where you notice that something is not quite right, but at the same time see that there’s a really cool film in there somewhere. My initial reaction was kind of mixed. I saw this rich and imaginative film, but I could also see the studio meddling. The story barely made sense and was edited in a kind of like Michael Bay fashion. It was so quick and the pacing was all off. Also, NIGHTBREED was unlike anything I’ve seen before. It’s not quite a horror film, it’s something of a fantasy film, but its also something else, it’s just a unique film, and the fact that Clive Barker got millions of dollars to make what basically is a monster film where the monsters are the good guys, porcupine women are sexy and David Cronenberg runs around in a gimp mask, it is just astonishing!

I’ve been able to see some of his work and it looks very nice. I think he’s going to doing something very special with this edit. You can follow his ongoing process at his official blog here.

The Tribes of the Moon Embrace you Filip! Keep up all the hard work.

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