108 : A Conversation with Paul Kane

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Hello Friends:
perf6.000x9.000.inddThis time we have a very interesting conversation with Author Paul Kane about his upcoming book BLOOD RED coming out on December 1st from Short and Scary Tales Publications. We also touch upon his very entertaining book of short stories MONSTERS (published by Alchemy Press) and his reference book about the Hellraiser franchise The Hellraiser Films and their Legacy (2006), as well as another publication called Hellraisers: The Hellraiser Interview Book, which is almost ready to come out from Avalard Publishing later this year, if it all goes well.

Sherlock-Holmes-and-the-Servants-of-Hell-by-Paul-Kane-CoverWe also talk about the upcoming story Sherlock Holmes and the Servants of Hell, that will have our favorite detective Sherlock Holmes going up against the Hell Priest. Previously on the @Barkercast: Sherlock Holmes vs Hellraiser

monsters-cover-002BLOOD RED is a bold new take on the Little Red Riding Hood fable popularized by Charles Perrault, that Paul Kane turned into something entirely original and his own. You can read our individual reviews of this book here (Ryan), here (Rob) and here (José). This is Ryan’s review of MONSTERS.

Apologies for some  slight technical issues with this call, but Skype connection had some minor issues a little bit into the call, (London was having some bad weather) and we switched to calling Paul’s landline instead, so you will notice a change in the quality of the call on Paul’s end around the time when we are talking about MONSTERS, that’s where it comes from.

You can pre-order BLOOD RED from SST Publications here, and MONSTERS on Amazon. To find out more about Paul Kane’s work, you can find him on Twitter and please visit his website Shadow Writer. Also you can watch the show Chattering with Nicholas Vince that had him as a guest to talk about MONSTERS, here.

– RED on Amazon: Buy it here
– Short and Scary Tales Publications:
– The cover art for BLOOD RED was done by Dave McKean. Here is his website.
– Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes stories now in Public Domain:
Paul Kane’s review of the Scarlet Gospels –
– Previously on the Barkercast:


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