Clive Barker and Mick Garris Discuss the Body Book!

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In a new interview conducted by the popular horror magazine Fangoria, Clive Barker and Mick Garris talk about the highly anticipated release of The Body Book which will be released in the second quarter of 2016 by Dark Regions Press. It’s a very good interview and there’s some interesting stories in there especially about The Mummy reboot that they worked on together. I’ve shared a sample of it below but to read the rest of the interview just click on the quote and it will take you to the entire conversation.

FANG: Clive, any interesting stories involving you and Mick?

BARKER: The two biggest projects we worked on were IN THE FLESH and a crack at THE MUMMY, long before Stephen Sommers cooked up his extravaganzas. Looking back, our version of THE MUMMY was precisely what the powers that were at Universal did not want. It made the Mummy story over for the late 20th century, not in terms of its effects—this was before CGI brought its dubious gifts to the process of horror filmmaking—but in terms of content. We had one particular narrative hook that we were very proud of. In the first scene, a strange boy-child is born, under circumstances—high howling winds and a ferocious thunderstorm—that suggest something unnatural is afoot. The narrative then jumps ahead 20 years or so, and we pick up the story of how sacred Egyptian artifacts are being brought to America for an exhibition that would put the Tutankhamen exhibit to shame. An uncommonly beautiful woman is threaded into the action, a seducer and murderer of mysterious origin. Of the boy-child, now presumably grown to adulthood, we get no sight. Meanwhile, our antiheroine is seducing her way through the male character, only to be revealed in the third act as the boy-child, now turned via surgery and hormones into a woman.

Also, I wanted to remind fans that The Body Book is already 55% sold out so I’d get my orders in sooner than later.

Here’s a link to Dark Regions Press official pre-order page for the book:

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