Review : Blood Red by Paul Kane ~ Ryan Danhauser

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This may be a common thought among children, but in the story of Little Red Riding Hood, how did she not know right away that the wolf lying in the bed is not her grandmother?  Classically depicted as a wolf in a bonnet, this story makes you wonder if Red really needed to get some glasses.

Walter_Crane26We haven’t talked to Paul Kane about this yet, but if I were to bet, I would imagine Paul set to answer this question with his short story “Red” (included) and this new novel, Blood Red.

Set in modern day England, the story follows these wolf creatures who can fool us into believing they are our friends and family before they eat us.

“Red” is the key they unlocks the house that is Blood Red.  The titles promise us blood, and the book delivers.  It’s powerfully written, visceral and suspenseful.  I can’t wait until next week when we get to talk with the author about it (no spoilers, of course).

Our listeners / readers may know Paul Kane as a literary Hellraiser historian, with the 2006 nonfiction book The Hellraiser Films and  Their Legacy and his upcoming interview book, Hellraisers.  He has also recently published a book of short stories, Monsters with cover art by Clive Barker.

You Can Preorder Blood Red Here

Look for our upcoming interview podcast with Paul Kane in about a week.


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