Arrow Video to Release Another Hellraiser Boxset!

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Over at Revelations Facebook page they shared some exciting news that Arrow Video, due to popular demand, will release a slightly different variation on the Scarlet Box to fans of the first three Hellraiser films on January 25th. I believe they were planning on doing this later on down the line but I guess fans let them know that they wanted it sooner rather than later.

Another great thing about this box set is that its not a limited edition release so it will always be in stock. Of course it will still be Region B but that shouldn’t surprise anybody at this point. Hopefully a U.S. company will snag the rights and do a similar box set for Region A fans. Scream Factory anyone?

As for the set itself, the main box art seems to be the same but is the color of the Lament Configuration and the individual discs come with original cover art. The same features for each film that were on the Scarlet Box will carried over to this release as well so if you’re looking forward to seeing the famous ‘Surgeon Scene’ that was cut from Hellbound, Arrow Video still has you covered on that end as well. The only features that are missing are the special edition Hellraiser book by Phil and Sara Stokes as well as the bonus disc. But overall it still looks like a solid set to me.

Here’s a link to Arrow Video’s official site to place a pre-order:


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