106: A Conversation with Peter Atkins

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Hello Friends:

Today on the @Barkercast we have the great pleasure to have with us as a very special guest: he rocked out with the band Chase as composer, musician and singer,  he’s the screenwriter of Hellraiser 2,3,4  and Wishmaster, as well as comics and TV, author of books like Morningstar, or The Vampires of Summer, Big Thunder and Moontown, featured in several anthologies like Hellbound Hearts.  Twice nominated for a British Fantasy Award, and one half of the Rolling Darkness Revue along with Glen Hirshberg, please welcome Peter Atkins. (Author’s blog link! Click it!)

In this episode we talk about Rolling Darkness Revue (2015 poster above), Hellraiser  II, III and IV, Wishmaster, his books, and several other projects and stories from “behind the scenes” Hollywood. Over the years, Peter Atkins has been a screenwriter, author, occasional actor, musician, you name it. This episode was certainly a very personal favorite of mine so far in our 3 and a half years of activity, and I’m sure it will rank in the top 5 best episodes with a guest that we’ve done at the @Barkercast. Peter Atkins is an extremely interesting conversationalist and a real treat to have for a couple of hours. We are very happy with the time he spent patiently answering our questions and, like he says “shooting the shit” and we hope to have him again in the near future. Pete is a fantastic author and we urge you to find and read his books Morningstar, Big Thunder and Moontown, as well as his short stories that have been published in various anthologies.

This episode is also being published on his birthday (November 2nd), so please be sure to comment with messages for  Pete and  we’ll do our best in forwarding them to him, or send him comments on his blog.

Some Show Notes follow:

1) The Rolling Darkness Revue started on October 31st 2004. The 2015 shows were last Oct 23/24 at the Missing Piece Theatre, Burbank CA. Go ahead and Like their page on Facebook:
The Rolling Darkness Revue  are Peter Atkins and Glen Hirshberg. Go check out and

2) Pete’s story “Children of Fire” was published in “Dread” Summer Special (1992). It features backstory vignettes for certain characters in Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth. Recommended.

3) Recently Peter Atkins was in the Leviathan documentary, narrating his experiences as screenwriter for Hellbound:  Hellraiser II, as well as other anecdotes and he recorded a new commentary track for Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth for the Arrow Hellraiser Scarlet Box Set.

4) Wishmaster (1997). Watch the trailer here.

5) Motorhead music video directed by Clive Barker:”Hellraiser” (Watch it on YouTube)

6) Wikipedia article on Alan Smithee. Hellraiser: Bloodline was a movie “without a director”. We’re currently working on our YouTube  mini documentary about this troubled production.

7) The Naked Monster (2005) – Watch the trailer for this movie that’s really and homage to and spoof of the “giant monster-on-the-loose” films of the 1950s.



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  1. Dave

    This was one good interview. I could listen to Peter Atkins speak for another couple of hours about his books. Or anything. He’s got a lot of interesting stories.

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