Time is Running out for Scarlet Box and Horrorology!

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If you listen to our podcast, you’ve heard Jose complain a little about how these days everything seems so limited.  I’m beginning  to agree with him.  The PAL, region B Hellraiser set, The Scalet Box is now out of stock on the Arrow site, according to their Facebook page.  Please, as you order these be aware that you will need equipment that can play this set if you plan to order it and you live in North America.

Our Limited Edition Hellraier boxset is now out of print and has been removed from sale on the Arrow Store.

Stock is still available with some retailers via the links below so if you were planning to pre-order this set do try and act soon to avoid disappointment!

Find it on here:
Find it on HMV here:
Find it on Zavvi here:


In addition, it’s been reported on the Clive Barker Collecting site that people are now having trouble ordering Horrorology the Lexicon of Fear  from the U.S.   you might remember that Horrorology has a previously unpublished story by Clive Barker called “Afraid”.  Thanks to David-Wayne Signorino for pointing this out.  Advice in the thread from multiple sources was to buy it on the U.K. Amazon site.

There’s a Japanese word, “Mendokusai” that doesn’t really have an english equivalent.  It’s a noun that is meant for things that you put off.  For me, both the Arrow set and the the Horrorology have been mendokusai, but we don’t have the luxury as Clive Barker fans to wait around to buy things much anymore.

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