The Body Politic: Fan Film Teaser Trailer

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Hello Friends:
This time we have for you a teaser trailer for a short by Bad Trip Films based on The Body Politic short story from the Books of Blood.

We were sent this video by Pat Bird just one hour ago, and think it looks really promising. Keep an eye out for the finished version that will be “released sometime this October“! I’m sure they’ll let us know when it’s up. The film will not adapt the whole story but the first act, as explained in the comments on YouTube:

Bad Trip Studios: Not the entire story. Essentially it’s the first act. We had enough fun doing one severed hand – we don’t have the money for an army. It’ll be released soon, so keep your eyes open for it.

The Body Politic is one of my favorite stories and it has been adapted before in the movie anthology Quicksilver Highway, a movie for which we will make our very own Commentary Track ($800 stretch goal) this year after our Kickstarter is over (16 DAYS TO GO!). This is the best way you can support us if you like what we do and would like to see more content and help pay  for our yearly expenses with the site and podcast hosting and bandwidth. Thank you to all our supporters!

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