Clive Barker Original Artwork Being Sold at Official Store

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Over at Clive Barker‘s official Facebook page they’ve shared that an original art section has been added to the RealCliveBaker store. There are some really great pieces here, but the clown and the cenobite are my personal favorites. Our very own Jose Leitao gave his own interesting take on this cat-like character that I really enjoyed and wanted to share:


 This piece looks to me like a hybrid between a Tarrie Cat and some other miraculous creature. The subtle and elegant lines, the shape of the head and the whiskers really make this piece work for me. I think he’s at the top of his form when it comes to these ink sketches. I hope we keep seeing these little artistic amuse-bouche blooming out of his mind daily, they’re really great.

Of course these pieces are for serious collector’s only as the price tags are pretty hefty. But since they’re from one of the most creative minds of our time I believe the high price tags are warranted.

Go check them out in the link I’ve shared below: