No More Tears Please, It’s a Waste of Good Make-Up

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cenobite_lgChristal VanEtten (the Cenobite Whisperer & Social Media Puppet Master at Espionage Cosmetics) recently informed the Podcast that Espionage Cosmetics’ Clive Barker approved Cenobite Collection make-up line is now available for pre-order at their official site. The set contains four different colors ranging from Leviathan, Pain & Pleasure, Schism, and the Engineer.

From the Press Release

The Cenobite Collection

(Tacoma, WA) Licensed with Clive Barker, Espionage Cosmetics levels up with the newest addition to the nerd makeup bloodline.

In September 2014, Espionage Cosmetics launched a Kickstarter campaign titled “NAILED IT! Lvl2: But wait! There’s MOAR!” and with full support from backers, a second wave of nerdy nail art­­ in the form of nail wraps ­­was able to launch. In that same campaign, Espionage Cosmetics teamed up with Clive Barker to create nail art to as a new medium of expression for literature and horror nerds in the ‘verse.

One year later, Espionage Cosmetics is continuing to push for new mediums of expression but through the new Cenobite Collection: a 4­color collection of glitter and shadows crafted in the depths of Leviathan’s Labyrinth. The process called for inspiration from Clive Barker’s ​The Hellbound Heart​ and the Hellraiser franchise which is visible through each color’s name and description:

The Engineer​: Reveal the glamour of the terrifying Engineer with this alabaster white shadow. One of its kind, this pale pigment makes a killer entrance with its blue interference.

Leviathan​: Toymaker beware. The Lord of the Labyrinth’s work is never done. Fuel Leviathan’s power with Espionage’s first blood red glitter. No tears please. It’s a waste of good makeup.

Pain & Pleasure​: What’s your pleasure? This golden shadow shimmers as brightly as the panels of the Lament Configuration. Step into a new realm of beauty.

Schism​: Leave your humanity at the door. Abandon your ego to the shadows and let the darkness of your id encompass your look with this duo tone pigment (deep plum and black) with a presence of blue shimmer.

Visit ​www.espionagecosmetics.com/clivebarker​ to pre­order. Shipping begins October 1st.

Thanks to Christal VanEtten for sharing the news!

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