Tuesday Tunes: Dreams Of Angelique

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Daniel Licht’s score for Hellraiser: Bloodline was a breath of fresh air after the disappointing score for Hell On Earth which focused more on popular rock music to drive its story rather than the use of traditional orchestrations. With Bloodline it was obvious the filmmakers wanted to go back to a more dramatic score that reminded the audience of the first two films, especially the original.

With a story that went back and forth between time periods, Licht did a wonderful job of creating different themes in the music to match each one. The track entitled, “Dreams of Angelique” is a great example showing how he created a timeless feel to the score. It captures the past, present, and future elements of the story in a way that’s both haunting and dreamlike. The entire score does this so well.

You can order your own copy of the Hellraiser: Bloodline soundtrack through Amazon for $10: