102: Frankenstein in Love

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In Episode 102, Ryan, Rob and José talk about the theater play “Frankenstein In Love” from the December 1995 volume Incarnations, a play written in 1981 and produced by the Dog Company in 1982. We touch upon the origins of the Theatre du Grand Guignol and how it influenced a style of its own, compare it to  Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein novel, how Artaud’s Theater of Cruelty concept also influenced Clive Barker while writing this play and our upcoming Fundraiser this year, which will be our first Kickstarter. So thanks for listening and please continue to support us as a non-profit podcast (bi-weekly or so) about the works of Clive Barker.

Show Notes:

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein
The play Frankenstein in Love is discussed in the Revelations website here and here.
There’s a bibliography of the 
Incarnations collection here.
Le Théatre du Grand Guignol
Artaud’s Theater of Cruelty
José and Clive on Twitter:

Productions of Frankenstein in Love: (all for $1 to Clive.)
1996 production directed by Russell Blackwood for San Francisco’s Thrillpeddlers
2001 production by the Rude Guerilla Theater Company of Santa Ana, California.
2002 production by Sensurround Stagings in Atlanta, Georgia.
2003 production by Sacred Fools Theater Company, Los Angeles
2004 production produced at the Vortex Theater in Albuquerque.
2006 production directed by Gavin Yap in Kuala Lumpur.
2008 Frankenstein in Love by the CIC Theater in Chicago
2008 Mission Creek Players in Washington
2011 Monash Uni Student Theatre – directed by Emma Palackic and Sophie Phillips In conjunction with the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2011 and performed at the atmospheric Collingwood Underground Arts Park.


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