FrightFest’s Hellraiser Screening Review

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Our new podcast contributor Danny Stewart was able to attend the recent screening of the original Hellraiser at this year’s FrightFest Film Festival and according to him Arrow Video has really out done themselves with the new transfer of this classic film. I’m sure many of you know that they’re releasing this new remastered version in the upcoming Hellraiser: The Scarlet Boxset Limited Edition Trilogy. Since the first film’s restoration is getting rave reviews from fans this can only bold well for Hellbound and Hell on Earth and their new transfers.


Here’s what Danny had to say:

Arrow Video’s remastering of Clive Barker’s classic Hellraiser is simply a hellraising revelation in both picture and sound. This is the best the film has ever looked and is pure in its presentation and a pleasure to behold. Does the addition of the 2k treatment enhance the experience? Hell yes, it does, and amazingly so. Every gory detail popped off the screen in a new way that has to be experienced. 

Christopher Young’s beautiful score was given even more layers with Arrow’s new remix of the soundtrack. Also, the ambient sound effects like chains rustling, etc., have been wonderfully mixed, emitting their sounds of suffering from every corner of the theater that it was shown in.

The atmosphere of the crowd was amazing too and people were laughing at Uncle Frank’s classic line “Come to daddy”. There were also some new fans that had never seen the film and they were totally stunned by the film! Hellraiser alumni Nicolas Vince was in attendance as well and gave a fabulous introduction to the film and also described the transfer of Arrow’s release as a revelation.

Clive Barker’s masterpiece Hellraiser has finally gotten the treatment it deserves.  I cannot wait to see what they have done with the transfers of Hellbound and Hell on Earth. There’s not a single reason in the world why any fan shouldn’t own this when it comes out this Halloween. 

The Hellraiser: The Scarlet Box Limited Edition Trilogy will be released on October 26th.

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