Collector’s Corner: Custom Nightbreed Figurines

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Hello Friends:
In this Collector’s Corner, we bring you the recent work of a big Nightbreed fan and member of the Occupy Midian group Jamie Braswell. He has made some amazing custom figurines of Reverend Ashberry, Aaron Boone and is working on a figurine of Peloquin (links to the original Occupy Midian posts). I contacted Jamie by message and this is what he had to say about his work:


CBP: Hello, Jamie. Do you plan on making other Nightbreed figures?
: Yes, I do plan to make other figures. Ashberry was not the first Nightbreed custom I started, to be honest. He just ended up being the first one to be completed. Boone will be the next figure to be completed, and then hopefully Peloquin. I would like to make Decker (Button-Face), Lori, and even Baphomet in the future. I have ideas and parts for all of them, though they have not really moved past the conception stage yet. I am a slow worker, though, but the work always progresses one bit at a time.

CBP: Can you give us more details about how you constructed it? What did you use as a base figure, and the materials for sculpting?
Jamie: To make the figure, I used the torso of Spike from a Buffy The Vampire Slayer 6 inch figure, as well as the face of Anyanka from the same line (Yes, Ashberry’s face is that of a female). I used a Mattel Movie Master Joker Goon from The Dark Knight Rises for the arms, legs, and jacket, as well as the ears for Ashberry’s head. The hands came from a Mattel Alfred Pennyworth figure.
The head was mostly made from Sculpy, with only the face, neck, and ears coming from other figures. It took several tries to get Ashberry’s head just right, as there are many small nuances that you don’t notice at first glance. The cross in his jacket pocket was cut from styrene plastic and painted. His Bible was a book of Poetry that came with Spike, repainted of course. The base (green grass with a stone cross) was a figure base that came with a different Spike figure.

CBP: Thanks!
Jamie: You are welcome. Thank you for taking an interest!

Here are some pictures of Ashberry that Jamie sent us, along with a few other pictures of Boone’s figurine and the Peloquin work-in-progress. (All photos by Jamie Braswell):

Reverend Ashberry: (click for full size)

Aaron Boone: (click for full size)


Peloquin (work in progress):


What do you think about these? Here at the @Barkercast, and over at Occupy Midian, they were extremely popular. Sound off on what you think about these in the comments below!


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  1. Equespecte

    So glad to see this here! Jamie’s custom figures were the genesis of making my NightWeebies. I saw his posts to Occupy Midian on Facebook and thought, ‘I want my own Nightbreed action figures!!’ What an awesome artist Jamie is, congrats! Hope to see more custom figures!!

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