The Clive Barker Society: Welcome Package

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The first package from The Clive Barker Society is here. Straight from the Century Guild, I just received the ‘Welcome to the Family’, and I know other fans out there have as well. Following is the unboxing video:

“Welcome to the Clive Barker Society! Because Clive prefers “enthusiasts” over the word “fans”,  we are coming together not as a fan Club… but as a Society of Enthusiasts! On behalf of Clive and the entire team, we are pleased to have you as a new member of our family.”

This is the Society’s welcome package, which both Standard and Collector’s level members receive after joining up. It included a promotional and very collectible Clive Barker Society pin from the San Diego International Comic-Con (July 2015), a fantastic white on black printed T-shirt featuring the Hellpriest in all his glory, and a beautifully printed plate with a message welcoming you to the Society.

The quality and style of these items is very satisfying. For a fan such as myself, it’s very pleasing to see Clive having a new way to communicate and take care of his more dedicated enthusiasts. According to their website, “The Clive Barker Society is run out of Clive’s personal office in Beverly Hills, California. Everything done through the Society receives Clive’s direct input and approval.

I predict these articles will become well sought-after collectibles. There are two kinds of membership: Standard and Collector. You can read about what each tier offers in the links under each name. There will be a quarterly newsletter; Collector memberships will also receive in their drops a small-run item available only through the Clive Barker Society and will not be made available anywhere else. From the welcome message:

“Clive’s first missive to us was “it has to be truly special, and it has to be something different” so we will do our best to hit those two marks by making the kinds of things that WE would want to see and that will be loads of fun for Clive aficionados. Watch your mailbox, and thank you!”

11947979_738552022923529_7643249627559769172_ophoto by Ryan Danhauser

I’m really looking forward to the next packages, especially the Collector’s membership exclusive items we may get in the future. Keep up with our unboxing videos on our @Barkercast YouTube Channel! Huge thanks to Clive Barker, Thomas Negovan, the team at Seraphim, and last but not least everyone at Century Guild.

So, don’t delay, get a great looking T-shirt with a pin, your welcome message from The Clive Barker Society and a quarterly newsletter to stay informed about what’s going one with Clive Barker’s upcoming projects. Visit Today!

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