Century Guild Closes Doors on San Diego Comic-Con

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Century Guild’s Thomas Negovan reported some sad news today on his official Facebook page that this past year’s SDCC will be the Guild’s last appearance there. Here’s what he had to say:

It took a month of wrestling with all the options, but I’m very very sad to report that I just emailed to tell the SDCC staff that this past July was Century Guild‘s last San Diego Comic Con appearance. I can’t say enough loving words about how extraordinary the people who run that show are and how much we’ve enjoyed being there for the last fourteen years! I hope that any of you who are in or near LA will come visit us when we put our fancy clothes back on and reopen for the Fall season on September 26th with our Gail Potocki and Clive Barker FREAKS exhibition. I’ll post some random SDCC memories today while I weep at my smaller waist size and the brutality of the relentless passage of time. – Thomas Negovan 

This is such a shame because Century Guild has always done a magnificent job of representing Clive’s work and other great artists at the convention for the past 14 years. Let’s hope they eventually see their way back in the near future.

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