Lito Velasco’s A Beautiful Darkness: Score to LEVIATHAN

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34 hours to go!!! The Leviathan documentary 3 DVD set was something all Hellraiser fans have been waiting for, for decades. It was informative, exhaustive and had fantastic production values. This happened thanks to crowdfunding using Kickstarter, and of course the tireless efforts of the team behind it. One of its best features is the soundtrack, made to embody the spirit of Christopher Young’s two Hellraiser soundtracks. This was created by composer Lito Velasco, who has resorted to Indie GoGo to make his CD release of A Beautiful Darkness: The Score to Leviathan a reality. If you’d like to support it, go to IndieGoGo because time is running out. With 34 hours to go, you can still donate to get your own copy and help this talented artist.

Link to IndieGoGo: