UPDATE: The Foreign releases of Nightbreed: Director’s Cut are BOOTLEGS!!!

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Occupy Midian member Jonas Clayton has come across a link to purchase the Italian Blu-Ray of The Nightbreed: Director’s Cut  from Amazon.it . This is all out of nowhere. None of us here at the podcast saw this coming at all. So maybe the fans in the European areas have finally gotten a release. I sure hope so! Something to note though is that on the back of the bluray case it does say the film only runs 98 minutes. Very odd? We’ll let you know as more info comes in. What a surprise!

There is one disc, Region B. Languages are Italian or English with the option of Italian subtitles.  There are also rumored to be German and Spanish versions.

Thanks to Jonas Clayton for the news!


Occupy Midian member Filip Önell has shared some other links to where you can buy the Director’s Cut on bluray in different countries:


This just in from Thomas Negovan:

Okay, we have the official word- the Spanish and Italian BluRays are bootlegs, and grainy, low-resolution transfers. “The Spanish is a bootleg, with static menu and bad artifacting in the transfer – no extras. The Italian looks legit by the cover, and has the theatrical version on the same disc, but is the same badly converted print – so is also a bootleg – no extras besides trailer and other version” There you go.