Doug Bradley to provide Foreword for The Scarlet Gospels Deluxe Edition!!!

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Over at the official Earthling Publications Facebook page they’ve revealed that the man that brought Pinhead to life on screen will be providing a lengthy foreword on his death for The Scarlet Gospels Deluxe Edition which will be released this fall. It’s good to see Bradley get his say on the subject and how he feels about killing off Pinhead…excuse me the Hell Priest. Also, I just wanted to remind fans that are purchasing this that the original specs were said to include an unpublished related story by Clive Barker, but sadly it will only be a story that’s already been released.

Here’s what Earthling Publications had to say about Doug doing the foreword:

The final bonus item for Earthling’s deluxe edition of THE SCARLET GOSPELS: a lengthy foreword by the wonderful Doug Bradley. It is an insightful, funny, and moving piece. How could I resist asking him what he thought about his character being killed off? Final formatting and then everything goes to the printer. Given printer and slipcase-maker timelines, the book should be out early fall — a nice pre-Halloween treat. 

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