Clive Barker says Goodbye to Pinhead in latest Interview…

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Over at the site WIRED they had a nice Q and A interview with Clive Barker where he answered questions concerning the release of The Scarlet Gospels, killing off Pinhead, Lemarchand’s Box, fan reaction to his coma, his take on religion and sexuality, and finally the power of fantasy. There’s also a Podcast of the interview with Barker as well.

Here’s a quote from the interview to give you a small tease:

“There have been a lot of examples recently—it happened to Anne Rice—where the readers’ interest in when the next book is coming along takes precedence over the author’s health. And I think that’s regrettable. … It doesn’t have to be bad health. It could be losing your husband, as it was with Anne Rice, who was losing her husband Stan. And the fans were not very kind—they were impatient, frankly—with Anne, wanting her to just stop moaning and groaning and mourning and get back to writing. That is cruel. That is inhuman, actually. It’s not what I would hope my fans would be first concerned with, but it turned out to be the case with some of the fans—I say only some, I think a small number, but they certainly had some volume to their voices.” – Clive Barker

Speaking of The Scarlet Gospels, I finally got my copy today and I’ve read the first sixty pages and its nothing but Barker at his gory best so far!  I can’t wait to finish it.