Nice article on the Death of Pinhead…

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Over at the horror site The Blood Shed they’ve written a nice little article about The Scarlet Gospels and how it’s going to be the end of Pinhead. Here’s a quote from Barker taken from article that I really liked:

“One of the things I’m trying to do in the story with D’Amour and Pinhead is, I actually want to kind of make Pinhead feel fucked. I want people to make fools of him as he breathes his last and with no hope of resurrection. No sequels. I swear the way he’s going – I have plotted this – the way he’s going is so total, is so complete that the most optimistic film producer in Hollywood could never dream of resurrecting him! So I’m going to ‘off’ him, and I want the audience to say, ‘Good’.”

We’re about fours weeks away from the official release and the wait is starting to kill me. Pins are going to start coming out of my head if you know what I mean.

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