the Clive Barker Podcast says Goodbye to Jose Leitao

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Jose Leitao (AKA Jose Leitau) has been in every episode of the Clive Barker Podcast since day 1 (with only 2 exceptions)  We even made an episode about Jose and Sarah’s wedding in Las Vegas.  Now, as Jose drives to his new home in Arizona, it seems he’s in a neighborhood without high-speed internet available.

We talked through all the possibilities, from satellite internet to shotgun modems (2 modems, 2 phone lines for better bandwidth), but in the end, none of the alternatives were feasible.  Jose is returning to dialup internet, and the data plan for his cell phone doesn’t allow tethering.

We’ll miss you, and we hope you move some place with better internet in the next couple of years and come back.

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  1. Dave

    This was so mean! I spent 10 minutes composing an epic poem about him before I realized the date.

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